enchantedsea whispered: OMG I love your blog! I'm so glad I found it since I follow so many Disney blogs but none non-Disney one before this. I found many movies I haven't even known exist!! :D Anyway, do you know where I can watch The Road to Eldorado? I can't find the dvd anywhere, and I miss it so bad! And also Cats Don't Dance? Is that the title? I've never watched this one! Thanks before! Have a magical day~

Thaaaaank you! :D I’m extremely thrilled to have introduced you to so many new movies!

Sometimes the movies show up on youtube, though I think both of the ones you mentioned have been removed since I last checked. Cats Don’t Dance is on Netflix, if you have that. xD Otherwise I believe you can find them both on DVD at Wal*Mart or Target for relatively cheap. My Cats Don’t Dance is a double-DVD with Quest for Camelot, if that makes finding it any easier. ^^~

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